SmartHome bundle with 2.4 "AZ-Touch, 3x AZ-Envy and SmartHome Book

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✔️ Contains: 2.4 "AZ-Touch, three of the versatile AZ-Envys and the SmartHome basic book (b/f)
✔️ Diverse background knowledge in the book by detailed description of the components and programming bases
✔️ The AZ-Touch wall case with the dimensions 120mm x 80mm x 35mm (W x H x D) is equipped with resistive touch with SPI touch controller XPT2046 and 2.4 inch colored screen with 320 x 240 pixels.
✔️ The wall housing set can be easily connected to a D1 Mini or ESP32 module.

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Great SmartHome bundle at a special price (sum of the individual prices € 88.88):

With theAZ-Delivery SmartHome bundleyou get our popular2.4 "AZ-Touch, three of the versatile AZ-Envys and The SmartHome basic book (b/f)by Gerald Lechner the beginner and advanced to realize their very personal SmartHome dreamenables.

SmartHome basic book (b/f):
With modern microcontroller modules, it has simply become possible to record measured values ​​with sensors and to carry out actions with actuators.
This book uses numerous examples to show how this can be achieved. A wide range of spectrum is covered, from simple measured value acquisition, automatic plant irrigation to a MQTT.
The projects and the components used are explained in detail. A beginner can do the examples just recover or, with a little programming knowledge, Adjust your own needs.
Advanced people can see the projects as a suggestion for their own further development.
In addition to a detailed Source proof At the end of the book, all programs described, as well as STL files To make housings on the 3D printer, be downloaded.

AZ-Touch Mod wall housing set with 2.4 inch touchscreen for ESP8266 and ESP32:
ESP8266 and ESP32 modules are often used in home automation, measurement, monitoring, control and other typical IoT applications. The AZ-Touch wall housing set is a touchscreen housing set that also uses an ESP8266 and ESP32 platform as a base and can therefore be connected quickly and easily to Nodemcu and Azdelivery D1 mini boards (Plants for Azdelivery D1 Mini and Nodemcu ESP32(ESP32-DEV kit c)).
Depending on your project and your software, you can mount the housing set vertically or horizontally directly on the wall.
The AZ-Touch Set is supplied in a beautiful housing for wall mounting together with a 2.4-inch resistant touchscreen and enables you to permanently install your AZ touch project in your living room, corridor or in other places.

In contrast to the previous model, this variant is already pre -ordered!

AZ-Envy WLAN Development Board (3 Set):
AZ-Envy is a developer board based on the ESP8266-12F, especially for the simple introduction to the world of IoT.
The board offers a variety of possible uses for maker, hobby handicrafts and engineers, such as use as a weather station with data transfer to Google Firebase, gas meters, mold protection, garden house monitoring and much more.

Equipped with: ESP8266-12F chip, MQ-2 sensor, temperature and moisture sensor SHT30

The micro USB socket of the AZ-Envy serves the power supply. To program the microcontroller chip, you need a separately available USB to serial adapter such as our FT232RL module.

With your order atAZ-DeliveryGet a product in the usual high quality and with quick delivery directly from Germany at a discount price! For further ideas and projects, also visit our blog or download our free eBooks!
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