STM32F401 Development Board V 3.0 STM32F4 Development board 84MHz 64kb SRAM 256KB Flash

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✅ The mini development board is made of durable and sturdy material. It is 52.81 mm long and 20.78 mm wide and is based on the ARM Cortex-M4. The board offers a modern USB Type C interface.
✅ In addition to the module, the package includes a pin strip with 40 pins in a grid size of 2,54mm. The pin strips allow easy use with a breadboard.
✅ You can use the module in your DIY microelectronics projects.
✅ It is easy and convenient to use, since all I/O resources on the board are routed to the outside.

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Our mini development board is based on an ARM Cortex-M4 and offers a USB type C connection. The pins are arranged in individual rows. It is a useful assistant for your new microelectronic DIY projects.


  • 25MHz high-speed quartzozillator up to 32,768k low-speed quartzozillator

  • STM32F401CCU6 processor with 64kb SRAM 256kb flash

  • ARM Cortex-M4 with FPU core with integrated flash and SRAM.

  • Binary compatibility with Cortex-M3.

  • Is supported by the arduino_core_stm32 board definitions.

Technical details:

Board Evaluation platform
contents Board (S)
Core processor ARM Cortex-M4
Type of assembly Fixed
Type MCU 32-bit
Used IC / component STM32F401CCU6

Simple and convinient

Thanks to the STM bootloader in ROM you don't need a programmer to load binary firmware! Comes with loose header that you can solder in to connect a breadboard.

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