TCS34725 RGB Color Sensor with Infrared Filter, DIY Color Detection Module Compatible with Arduino

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Application: This color detection RGB sensor offers a digital output of red, green and blue (RGB) and clear light sensitivity values.
High sensitivity: Thanks to its high sensitivity and ease of use, the TCS34725 sensor is the ideal color sensor.
Ambient light: The sensor has a brightness sensor for the ambient light intensity and an interrupt. It communicates via the I2C interface.
Wide application: The practical design allows flexible application of the sensor: RGB LED backlight control, color and color temperature measurements and brightness measurements.

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The AZ-Delivery Color detection sensor works with red, green and blue colors. It works with low power consumption and can be used in your DIY projects. Its IR component is minimized because it has an IR cut filter.


  • RGB LED backlight control.
  • Measurement of the color temperature of the light
  • Ambient light detection for display backlight control
  • Verification and sorting of the product color

Special features:

  • Detection of red, green, blue (RGB) and white light with IR cut filter.
  • 3,800,000:1 dynamic range
  • Programmable upper and lower thresholds with afterglow filters
  • Low power consumption: 2.5 uA sleep mode
  • 65-uA wait state with programmable wait time from 2.4 ms to> 7 seconds
  • I2C Fast Mode compatible interface
  • Data rates up to 400 kbit/s
  • Input voltage level: Compatible with VDD or 1.8 V bus
  • Register set and pins compatible with TCS3x71 series

High quality color measurement

The module minimizes the effects of IR and UV spectral components to provide accurate color measurements.

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