Terminal adapter board with screw terminals compatible with Nano V3 and Arduino

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✔️ Quick prototyping: This adapter is intended for quick testing and short-term setups, attached components are easily interchangeable
✔️ No soldering necessary: The nano is plugged into the pin headers and cables are attached via the screw terminals
✔️ Compatible with the Nano V3: The terminal adapter is suitable for use with the Arduino Nano V3 and the AZ-Delivery Nano. The adapter is also compatible with the other versions of the Arduino Nano, but the labels are different
✔️ Permanent installation: Two mounting holes also allow permanent installation.

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Terminal adapter board with screw terminals

This Nano V3.0 Terminal Adapter Board makes prototyping with the Nano a breeze.

There is no need to solder when using it, the Nano is plugged on and all components are connected via the screw terminals. This makes it quick and easy to test ideas or circuits with the Nano without having to permanently connect individual parts.

The adapter can be used as a supplement or replacement for a breadboard.

The adapter board can, through two mounting holes, be permanently mounted.

Either in a test system or in a project where the screw terminals are required. The screw terminals are labeled in the same way as the connected pins. So you can read directly on the board which pin is where.

The adapter is also compatible with the other versions of the Nano V 3.0, but the labels are different.


  • Dimensions: 54x43x13mm
  • Weight: approx. 21g


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