Test Hook Clips Sample Test Leads Kit for Electronic Testing Compatible with Dupont Pin Bar

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✅ Our test-hook clips are extremely strong and at the same time very flexible. They can withstand extreme loads when used in projects.
✅ Made of high-quality materials, the hooks are durable, wear-resistant and resistant. They have a simple structure and can be used as electronic test accessories.
✅ These test hooks have a variety of uses, such as electrical testing, plug hooks in electronic products or laboratory testing, so these test clip single hooks are perfect for low current testing.
✅ They are extremely easy to install, remove the rear cover and then easily connect multiple meters or direct current and simply multiple meters with measuring lines.

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Spring loaded mini hooks hold small parts to prevent short circuits. You can also connect a monitoring board or other connector. Perfect for use in the lab, school, home, workshop and industry.

Ideal choice for electronic components

  • The hooks have ideal electronic structures for testing electronic components, including multimeters and other instruments.

Technical details:

Test hook clamp
Plastic, brass
Maximum diameter
Approx. 1.9mm
Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue


Multi-color mini grippers help you easily distinguish circuits.

Use of integrated circuits

They are also suitable for testing ICs (integrated circuits) or repairing cell phones and other small electronic products.

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