TonUINO Set (Mp3 Player, Nano V3.0, RFID Kit and 10 x 13.56 MHz RFID Cards)

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  • ✅ AZ-Delivery TonUINO Set consists of the Nano V 3.0, MP3 DFPlayer Module, RFID Kit and 10 extra 13.56 MHz RFID Cards.
  • ✅ This product includes an E-Book that provides useful information on how to begin your project, it helps with a quick setup and saves time on the configuration process. We provide an array of application examples, full installation guides and libraries.
  • ✅ AZ-Delivery Nano V3.0 module is equipped with the ATmega328P chipset, with 16 MHz clock speed and 32 KB flash memory (including 2 KB for bootloader). Connection with the PC is simple and risk-free, via CH340G USB converter.
  • ✅ AZ-Delivery Mini MP3 DFPlayer Module Audio Voice Board Shield supports various sample rates (kHz): 8 / 11.025 / 12/16 / 22.05 / 24/32 / 44.1 / 48.
  • ✅ RFID Set can be used for various applications, for example, for the development of access controls, electronic door locks, or time recording terminals and has very fast access, with available libraries and SPI interface. In TonUINO set you will also get 10 additional RFID Cards with 13,56 MHz frequency.
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