High quality vibration engine module with vibration engine switch mobile with high intensity vibration module DC motor signal converter controlled by PWM

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Ideal for DIY projects: The PWM module was developed to be a better choice for Arduino and Raspberry projects as DC motors. It has proven itself many times to be useful for a variety of users with many different projects.
High quality engine: Our module consists of a high -quality, modern cell phone vibration engine of the latest generation, which creates noticeably excellent vibrations.
Striking design: Due to its modern design, the module is able to easily convert electrical signals into mechanical vibrations, which is why it is suitable for the production of vibration-sensitive interactive products, portable smart device vibration memories, etc.
Easy to use: The vibration intensity is controlled by PWM, which really simplifies the application and makes it easier to connect to different devices.

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This module can easily convert electrical signals into mechanical vibrations. The intensity of the electrical signals ultimately determines the strength of the vibration.


  • The module can be controlled directly via the digital port of the Arduino. It is also suitable for the production of vibration -sensitive interactive products, portable intelligent devices with vibration memories, etc.

Technical features:

Nominal voltage: 5.0VDC
Operating voltage: 3.0-5.3vdc
Nominal speed: at least 9000 rpm
Nominal current: Up to 75 mA
Start -up current: Up to 90 mA
Consider voltage: 3.7 VDC
Isolation resistance: 10 MOHM
Ideal for DIY projects Compatible with Arduino IDE
Engine: 10mm diameter and 2.7mm thickness
Connection: Digital
Digital input high for activating and low for deactivation
Fastening hole: 3mm

Engine management

It is a small built-in vibration motor module. After input 5V current, you can control the ON / OFF or vibration intensity of the motor by digital signal or PWM signal.

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