VL6180X high-precision removal meter Optical distance Sensor module with proximity gesture-distance detection Removal measuring device with an entrance area of ​​3-5V

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VL6180X breakout board is a Time or Flight sensor. This means that it can display the "flight time" or the time until landing based on the distance to the target. The distance is determined optically
The module is extremely precise, and is therefore suitable above all for very short distances in the range up to 10 cm
The VL6180X sensor has an impressive design, which is why the sensor module can easily be used in any kind of robot, aircraft or in interactive projects.
The sensor can be used for numerous applications, such as: built-in intelligent optical module for proximity detection, range-range and other functions.

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The optoelectronic sensor VL6180X integrates a surface-emitting infrared spotlight (VEL) and an approximate sensor. The VL6180X can capture the flight time or the time that is required until the start to calculate the distance.

Technical details:

  • Infrared wavelength: 850nm
  • Communication interface: I2C (400kHz), address 0x29
  • Operating voltage: 3 - 5V
  • Measurement area: 2 - 100 mm

Precise measurements

The VL6180X module implements an approximation sensor according to the time-of-flight (TOF) measuring principle. Based on the flight time, you can determine the distance to the goal.

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