XL4016E1 DC-DC Step Down Converter, adjustable 5-40V to 1.2-36V 12A compatible with Arduino

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✔️ Simple use: The output voltage is regulated via a trimmer. The converter is suitable for power up to 200W. The module can regulate down an input voltage of up to 40V and adjust the output to 1.25 - 36V (adjustable via the trimmer).
✔️ Extremely efficient and powerful: The XL4016E1 step-down module achieves an efficiency of 95% and can, with an external cooling, deliver up to 12A of current.
✔️ Very safe operation: The voltage transformer is protected by short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection and overheating protection.
✔️ Various applications: Especially convenient for simultaneous use of different microcontrollers, a 5V power supply can be stepped down to 3.3V. Suitable for step-down voltage applications, such as battery, power transformers, adjustable voltage regulator, and more.

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XL4016E1 DC-DC Step Down Converter

The XL-4016E1 voltage converter has a trimmer for regulating the output voltage. With this a stepless regulation of the voltage is possible. The power supply is best suited for a fixed installation, especially when large outputs are required.

In addition, this step-down module is particularly efficient. The efficiency is 95%. So if it is important that as little energy as possible is lost in the form of heat, this module is just right. 

This power supply is also a good choice when it comes to delivering a lot of power. Without additional cooling, currents of up to 8A can be retrieved. This value can be increased to 12A if a fan or similar is used for cooling.

The built-in protection devices, such as the short-circuit protection or the overheating protection, grant the user a higher level of safety during use. At the same time, they increase the possible service life of the power supply.

Despite the high power output, the module is small and light. These features ensure simple assembly for a project or a test circuit.

This voltage regulator uses an XL4016 switching regulator chip with an MBR10200 dual rectifier. It also includes internal fuse protection, internal frequency compensation, and a fixed frequency oscillator.


  • Input voltage: 5-40V
  • Output voltage: 1.2-36V
  • Output current: 8A constant, with additional cooling 12A
  • Power: 100W constant, with additional cooling 200W
  • Efficiency: 95%
  • Dimensions: 60x52x20mm
  • Weight: 78g

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