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Ky-005 IR infrared transmitter transceiver moduleKy-005 IR infrared transmitter transceiver module
Ky-006 Passiver Piezo Buzzer Alarm ModuleKy-006 Passiver Piezo Buzzer Alarm Module
KY-011 BI-Color LED module 5mmKY-011 BI-Color LED module 5mm
KY-015 DHT 11 Temperature sensor moduleKY-015 DHT 11 Temperature sensor module
KY-016 FZ0455 3-colors RGB LED module 3 ColorKY-016 FZ0455 3-colors RGB LED module 3 Color
1-channel relay 5V KY-019 module high-level trigger1-channel relay 5V KY-019 module high-level trigger
Ky-024 Linear Magnetic Hall SensorKy-024 Linear Magnetic Hall Sensor
KY-025 magnetic switch REED Sensor moduleKY-025 magnetic switch REED Sensor module
Ky-026 Flame sensor module fire detectorKy-026 Flame sensor module fire detector
KY-029 BI-Color LED module 3mmKY-029 BI-Color LED module 3mm
Ky-032 IR obstacle sensor moduleKy-032 IR obstacle sensor module
Ky-035 Magnetic Hall Sensor module analogKy-035 Magnetic Hall Sensor module analog
Ky-036 Touch Sensor moduleKy-036 Touch Sensor module
KY-040 Rotary Encoder Rotary Encoder ModuleKY-040 Rotary Encoder Rotary Encoder Module
PRO MINI with 5V ATmega328 and 16MHzPRO MINI with 5V ATmega328 and 16MHz
Raindrops rain sensor moduleRaindrops rain sensor module

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