100 cm replacement flex cable for Raspberry Pi camera/display

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✔️ This flex cable is ideally suited for the Raspberry Pi camera module or the official Raspberry Pi display as well as all common replacement cameras for the Raspberry Pi, e.g. our AZDelivery camera for Raspberry Pi!
✔️ This cable is perfect if the originally supplied flex cable is too short or too long for you, or has also been lost
✔️ Same quality and fit as the original cable
✔️ Cable length: 100 cm

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The AZ-Delivery Flex cable is a perfect fitting, flexible connection cable with 1m length for the Raspi-Cam module. It plugs into the connector located between the Ethernet and HDMI ports, with the silver connectors facing the HDMI ports. The flex cable connector should be opened by pulling the tabs on the top of the connector upward and then toward the Ethernet port. The flex cable should be inserted firmly into the connector, taking care not to bend the cable too much. The top of the connector should then be pushed towards the HDMI port and down while holding the flex cable in place.

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