"2.9 inch EPAPER Display Module, 296x128 E-link display module, low power consumption, SPI Support, compatible with Control boards and 3.3V/5V MCU interface

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✅ This E-ink Display Module is designed for communication via the SPI interface and supports the use of three colors: red, black and white. It is used to display electronic shelf labels, conference cards, industrial instruments, etc.
✅ The power supply is required only when refreshing, as it has a very low power consumption. It also serves as an onboard voltage converter and is compatible with 3.3V/5V MCUs.
✅ The eInk tablet does not have a backlight, the last screen content remains for a long time after switching off.
✅ The e-ink screen can clearly display the image in bright environment, such as under electric and natural light. The viewing angle can reach almost 180°.

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The AZDelivery E-paper screen module works via the SPI interface and can also communicate with MCUS with a voltage breakdown of 3.3V or 5V. The E INK display consumes very little electricity, so you only need the electricity if you update it.


  • Deport of: black, white, red
  • Gray level: 2
  • Partly refresher time: 0.3s
  • Full refresher time: 2s
  • Refreshing performance: 26.4mW (type.)
  • Standby performance: < 0.017mw
  • Consideration angle: > 170 °


Operating voltage 3.3V/5V
interface 3-wire spi, 4-wire spi
Dimensions 89.5 mm × 38 mm
Display size 66.89 mm × 29.05 mm
Point distance 0,138 × 0,138
resolution 296 × 128

Operating environment

You can work with our product in the temperature range from 0 to around 50 ° C. The air humidity should be between about 35% and 65% RH.

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