4-channel infrared lines reflection Tracking-smart sensor module set Smart distance detector CI module with auto obstruction prevention and obstacle avoidance PCB

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This module is used to detect obstacles and has an additional red indicator light that turns on when the connector receives a signal.
Following a line is one of the easiest ways for a robot to navigate successfully and accurately. It's a fixed path, and good programming can provide results that are far more consistent than simply telling the robot where to go without getting a clue.
The 4-channel line tracker sensor provides an easy way to track lines. A line sensor consists of a set of cells, and each cell consists of a transmitter and a receiver.
High compatibility: The sensitivity of each channel can be adjusted individually.

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The range and sensitivity of our obstacle sensor can be adjusted individually for each channel. The position or movement of an obstacle can be grasped by the distribution of the boards. These properties make the module an optimal sensor for a robot car or other automations.


  • Operating voltage: 3.3V-5V DC
  • Main board: 44 × 40 × 11mm
  • Sensor module: 23 × 12 × 12mm
  • Diameter of the fastening holes: 3mm

No high attitude of sensitivity

The sensitivity of the module should not be set too high, as this can lead to failure.

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