8 Channel Solid State Relay 5V DC Low Level Trigger Power Switch Compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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✅ This 8-channel relay board has a fast switch and strong anti-interference ability. The high-quality components integrated in a small housing ensure stable performance.
✅ The solid-state relay with fuse ensures the safe use of the module.
✅ Our module uses a low-level-signal-trigger mode.
✅ We offer an extensive eBook library, regular blog posts with exciting projects and an active customer community.

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The 8 channel solid state relay (SSR) is free of moving parts thanks to solid state technology. As a result, this relay is faster and more reliable than a traditional magnetic relay. The specific design of these relays allows for a load of 100-240V AC with a current rating of 2A. In addition, each output is protected from overload by a pico fuse. The use of a low-level trigger makes this relay compatible with all microcontrollers with at least a 3.3V logic level.


  • Small and practical
  • Size: 105 x 55 x 23mm
  • Net weight: 69.7 g
  • Easily applicable in many Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects
  • The screw terminals are well labeled.

Technical features:

Size 105 x 55 x 23mm
Weight 69.7 g
Supply voltage 5V
Trigger Low level trigger
Static voltage 0mA
Load current 2A
Maximum operating current 48.8mA
Module lifetime 10 million times

Practical high performance module:

Compared with the traditional mechanical relay, the solid state relay (SSR) has many advantages: It has a longer life, much higher turn-on and turn-off speed, and is noiseless.

High quality:

Go for high quality in your relays and use the solid state relays from AZ-Delivery.

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