Buzzer electronic signal tone alarm DC3-24V 95dB with continuous signal tone

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The Passive Buzzer has a 12 V power supply, but can also be operated continuously with 3-24 V DC. It also consists of various transistors and unified circuits. When turned on, it generates a sound signal that notifies anyone nearby.
Its sound strength is 95Db, which means that it can produce an extremely strong sound. Apart from its strength, the sound itself is extremely continuous.
The high quality ABS material from which this buzzer is made, ensures durability and longevity of the product
The alarm is also very easy to install. The design is very modern, portable and practical.

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The cable length of the buzzer, which is about 90 mm, is more than enough to bridge the distance for proper connection. The high-quality materials from which the product is made allow the alarm to last for a long time.

Special features:

  • Wide voltage range
  • Rated current<30mA
  • Sound pressure level (dB) <95
  • High resonant frequency (Hz)
  • Working temperature -20 - 60°C

Technical specifications

Colour Black-and-white
Alarm diameter 22mm/0.86 "
Alarm height 10mm/0.39 "
2 fastening holes 30mm/1.18 "
2 wires length 90mm/3.54 "
Type of the Summers Piezoelectric
Sound pressure level <95dB
Operating voltage 12V DC
Operating voltage 3 - 24V
Max. Nominal current 30mA
Frequency 3000 ± 500Hz
Adhesive Stick circuit built-in fastening holes
Sound "Di" continuously

Simple design

The alarm is complex and yet so easy to use. The design is not complicated and user -friendly and is also suitable for newbies.

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