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✅ Dieses komplette Arduino Starter Kit besteht aus dem 35 in 1 Arduino Zubehör Sensor Kit, Kompendium Buch, Mikrocontroller Board mit USB Kabel, Breadboard, Jumper Set mit 3 x 40 Stück und einem E-Book zum leichten Einstieg in Ihren Projekte.
✅ Das umfangreiche 35 in 1 Arduino Kit enthält 35 Sensoren und viele Module, die vollständig kompatibel sind.
✅Mithilfe des neuesten MB-102 Breadboards mit 830 Kontakten und des ATmega328 Mikrocontrollers sind auch anspruchsvollere Programme ausführbar.
✅ Mit dem Kompendium Buch lernen Sie praxisnah die notwendigen Grundlagen im Bereich des Programmierens und der Elektronik, um bald eigene spannende Projekte mit dem Arduino basteln zu können.

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Great starter kit for all enthusiasts

Electronics made easy with the AZDelivery Starter Kit compatible with Arduino! Our comprehensive starter kit with the 35 in 1 Arduino set and the Arduino Compendium book to get you started easily allows you to tinker with a variety of Arduino projects.

With 35 sensors and many modules, the AZDelivery Arduino Kit is compatible with Arduino and other microcontrollers.

The microcontroller board with USB cable with 14 digital inputs and outputs and 6 analog inputs allows you to run sophisticated programs, all without complicated programming.

With 830 contacts, the breadboard allows you to quickly build electronic circuits.

Our Jumper Wire Set includes 120 jumper wires, one third each with M2M, with F2M and with F2F connectors, and with a length of 20 cm each. Our jumper wires can be used with a 2.54 mm pitch and are therefore compatible with all common pin headers.

Scope of delivery:

✔️ 1 x 35 in 1 Arduino Starter Kit.

✔️ Arduino Compendium Book

✔️ Microcontroller Board with USB Cable

✔️ Jumper wire cable 3 x 40 STK. each 20 cm

✔️ MB-102 breadboard plug-in board with 830 contacts

✔️ E-Book to get started easily


With your order at AZ-Delivery you get a product in usual high quality and with fast delivery directly from Germany for a discount price! For further ideas and projects also visit our blog on the Internet or download our free eBooks on our website!

AZ-Delivery: Your expert for microelectronics!

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