AZ-Envy WLAN ESP8266-12F Environment Development board with moisture and air quality sensor (MQ-2 and SHT30) Compatible with Arduino

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✔️ The AZ-Envy from AZ-Delivery, with its very efficient components, offers the perfect basis for a mobile weather station or a portable gas detector!
✔️ With the smallest available 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi SoC module, the AZ-Envy offers the best performance in the smallest space and can be integrated quickly and easily into every project.
✔️ Simply set up a network with your AZ-Envy or integrate it into an existing network.
✔️ Azdelivery's all-in-one module provides you with highly accurate measurement results for temperature, humidity, ambient gas and air quality!

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AZ-Envy Is one on the ESP8266-12F based developer board, especially for the simple introduction to the world of IoT.

The board offers a variety of possible uses for maker, hobby handicrafts and engineers, such as use as a weather station with data transfer to Google Firebase, gas meters, mold protection, garden house monitoring and much more.

  • Measurement of temperature (° C) and humidity (%)
  • Measurement of ambient gas and air quality in ppm
  • Variable power supply from 3V to 11V via micro USB
  • Programming via FT232RL interface

ESP8266-12F chip:

  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi-Sooc module with a power-saving 32-bit CPU (standby 0.02mA) and with up to 160 MHz clock frequency
  • Built-in high-precision 10-bit adc
  • Programmable via an FT232RL interface

MQ-2 sensor:

  • Increase in conductivity with increased gas concentration
  • Thanks to its high sensitivity, ideal can be used as a domestic gas leaf detector, as a portable gas detector or for measuring flammable gases
  • Long lifespan and low costs

Temperature and moisture sensor SHT30:

  • Accuracy of the relative humidity ± 2%
  • Temperature accuracy ± 0.2 ° C
  • 14 Bit measuring resolution
  • I2C interface (connected to SDA and SCL)

The micro USB socket of the AZ-Envy serves the power supply. To program the microcontroller chip, you need a separately available USB to serial adapter such as our FT232RL module.

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