AZ-Touch Feather

Title: 1x AZ-Touch Feather
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✅Touchscreen Gehäuse Bausatz für Feather Boards
✅Abmessungen 120 x 80 x 35 mm
✅mit 2.8 inch (7,11 cm) resistivem Touch-TFT
✅integrierter Spannungsregler

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AZ-Touch Feather is a wall case with integrated touchscreen for the well-known microcontroller boards in the Feather style of different manufacturers e.g. Huzzah Boards from Adafruit or the Thing plus boards from Sparkfun. Based on the Feather standard, microcontroller boards are available for various platforms e.g. ESP32, ESP8266, SAMD51, Cortex M0, RP2040 etc.

By combining these boards with the AZ touch, new applications in the area of ​​home automation, metering, monitoring, control and other typical IoT applications are possible.

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