Battery clip 9 volt I type clip snap with 15cm connection cable for 9V block battery accumulator

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✅ 9 Volt Batterieclip T-Typ Block Anschluss-Kabel
✅ Anschlusskabel Länge: ca. 15cm
✅ Material: Kunstleder/Metal
✅ Darauf haben unsere Ingenieure geachtet: Verbesserte Clips für eine stabile Verbindung und hohe Lade-Energie zeichnet das AZ-Delivery Batterie Clips aus!

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A battery clip is a small device used to connect a battery to an electronic device. The 9-Volt I-Type Clip Snap is a special battery clip designed for use with a 9-volt block battery or a 9-volt rechargeable battery. It has two metal clips that connect to the positive and negative terminals of the battery, and a 15 cm connection cable that connects to the electronic device. The connection cable allows the electronic device to be removed from the battery and used in another location without having to remove the battery. The 9-Volt I-Type Clip Snap is a very convenient device that allows electronic devices to be quickly and easily powered by a 9-volt battery or a 9-volt rechargeable battery. It is especially useful for use in mobile devices or in situations where a power outlet is not available.
  • 9 volt battery clip I-type block connection cable
  • +-Pole Internal
  • Connection cable length: approx. 15cm
  • Material: leatherette/metal
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