Battery Expansion Shield 18650 V3 including USB cable

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✔️ This battery roof 18650 is a portable mobile power supply that supports two voltage outputs 3V/1A and 5V/1A.
✅ Das Modul hat einen Micro USB-Anschluss mit einem Ladestrom von 600mA - 800mA und Leistungs- und Betriebsmodusanzeige über On-Board-LED.
✔️ Supports 18650 batteries (18650 batteries are recommended).
✔️ Caution: All batteries have polarity. The boards are clearly marked with positive and negative signs. Installation errors can lead to damage to the modules and injuries.

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These power bank module boards have built-in lithium battery protection circuit with over current, over voltage, under voltage and short circuit protection. The USB port output and mobile power supply board have extended 3V and 5V output to facilitate customer requirements and usage, solving the problem with few ports.

The LEDs indicate the ON/OFF switching and operation modes.


Motherboard size: 100x97x21mm (3.9x3.8x0.83in).

Input connector: Micro USB, wide voltage input up to 6.5V.

Input requirements: 5V constant voltage power supply, suitable charger 5V/1A or above

Output connector: USB or expansion connector

Output: 5V/1A or 3V/1A

Conversion efficiency: up to 95% (high conversion rate)

Operating temperature: -20 ~ 70°C


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