Plant Watering Kit With Soil Moisture Detection Sensor - Automatic Watering Module DIY Kit Automatic Water Pump

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✅ Use this DIY kit directly in your home. It automatically irrigates your plants and flowers, and also monitors soil moisture.
✅ The DIY set consists of a complete Arduino irrigation system. It combines a pump, a hose, a soil moisture sensor, and a 5V relay module.
✅ This automatic watering DIY kit has become very popular as it automatically pours your plants and flowers after monitoring the soil moisture in a very efficient way.
✅ As soon as the soil becomes too dry, the pump sets itself in motion and water flows through the hose into the pot. The product will take care of your plants, even if you are not at home.

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Our DIY irrigation kit is controlled by a microcontroller connected to the sensor and a relay. The kit consists of an irrigation pump, hose, sensor shield, battery holder for four AA batteries, a soil moisture sensor and a relay module. The soil moisture sensor measures the moisture content of the soil. When the soil becomes dry, the sensor detects low moisture content and automatically turns on the water pump to supply water to the plant.


    • Capacitive soil moisture sensor:
    • Operating voltage: 5 VDC
    • Output voltage: 0 ~ 5 VDC
    • Size: 59 x 20mm (LxW)

Mini water pump:

    • DC Voltage: 5V
    • Water outlet outer diameter: 6.3mm:
    • Inner diameter of water outlet: 4.1mm
    • Water inlet diameter: 7mm
    • Drive type: brushless DC design, magnetic drive

Package includes:

1 x Microcontroller ATmega328 with USB cable
1 x capacitive soil moisture sensor
1 x 1 channel 5V relay module
1 x Mini water pump
1 x 1M vinyl hose
10x Jumper cable F-F
1 x Sensor Shield
1 x Battery holder for 4 AA batteries

Automatic irrigation

The system can detect low moisture in the soil and then automatically starts watering the soil.

Caution recommended

Do not pour water directly also the soil moisture sensor, because it will rust at high humidity.

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