Blue mini USB cable, 100% compatible with Nano V3

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✅Sketche innerhalb eines Augenblicks auf dem ESP dank schnellem USB 2.0!
✅Auch für Desktop PCs geeignet, dank 30cm Länge!
Suitable for example for NodeMCUs and other controllers with USB B Micro!
✅Gewohnt hohe Qualität und schnelle Lieferung direkt aus Deutschland durch Bestellung bei AZ-Delivery

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A mini USB cable is a cable used to make electrical connections and transfer data between electronic devices. It has a mini USB plug on one end and a USB plug on the other end and is commonly used to connect electronic devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players and smartphones to computers. A blue mini USB cable that is 100% compatible with the AZ-.Nano V3 board, is a cable designed specifically for use with the AZ-.Nano V3 board, and it has all the features and requirements of the AZ-.Nano V3 board. It is capable of making electrical connections and transferring data between the AZ-...Nano V3 board and other devices. The blue Mini USB cable is also capable of supplying power from a USB port to an electronic device to operate it. It is a very useful cable that allows you to connect the AZ-Nano V3 board to easily connect and communicate with other devices.

  • Sketches within a moment on the Nano V3 thanks to fast USB 2.0!
  • Also suitable for desktop PCs thanks to 30cm length!
  • Suitable for example forNano V3 or FTDI adapter and other controllers with USB Mini!
  • Usual high quality and fast delivery directly from Germany by ordering at AZ-Delivery
  • Of course you will receive when buying through AZDelivery fully automatic and guaranteed also a Invoice incl. VAT and according to German standards
  • Guaranteed ROHS conformity Through purchase from German dealer

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