Soil moisture sensor, moisture detector and plant moisture measuring device with corrosion-resistant probe for automatic irrigation system compatible with Arduino and Raspbery Pi

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Digital and analogue value edition: The digital soil moisture sensor spends a low level over the Doo connection when the moisture recorded reaches the threshold. Analogue output has the AO connection on the soil moisture sensor, which outputs an analog value (voltage), and you can capture the real-time data via the AD connection of your one-chip microcomputer (MCU).
Adjustable threshold: Turn the blue potentiometer clockwise or clockwise to increase or reduce the threshold. Thanks to the integrated electricity and signal ads, you can see the map of the card at any time at a glance.
Resistant sensor: The floor probe uses an analog resistance to determine the moisture content of the soil. It is a good vegetable assistant to let them know whether their plants are thirsty and it can also be used in the automatic irrigation system, garden, greenhouse, etc.
Easy and practical to use: This floor temperature probe is rigorously designed and extremely easy to use for floor tests without batteries.

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Azdelivery soil moisture device has a waterproof probe with high corrosion resistance, which ensures a long service life of at least 6 months in the ground. Soil moisture device with a widened sensor area can improve the electrical conductivity.


  • "+" is the positive power connection, "-" is the negative connection. Do not connect upside down, otherwise the chip burns through.
  • There is an LED stream display on the P mark on the circuit board. It shines when the module works normally.
  • Turn the blue potentiometer in or against clockwise to increase or reduce the detection threshold.
  • If you turn the potentiometer clockwise so far that the LED display marked with "S" shines, this means that the test threshold has been exceeded.

Technical details:

Operating voltage DC 3.3-12V
Work stream <20mA (starting current: <30ma)
Size of the board 36 × 15 × 6 mm/1.42 × 0.59 × 0.23 inches (L × W × H)
Length of the sensor chairman 8.8 cm/3.46 inches
Sensor 5 mm
Sensorbell length 1.2 meters /3.94ft
Sensor connection XH2.54 2P
Do Digital output of value (Doo output current is about 10 mA)
AO connection Analog value output

Resistant soil moisture sensor

The probe uses an analog resistance to measure the moisture content of the soil. He is a good plant assistant who informs you about whether your plants are thirsty and also used in the automatic irrigation system, in the garden, in the greenhouse, etc.

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