Bundle with AZ-MEGA2560 board for the blog Illuminated gift boxes as Christmas decorations

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✅ Creative craft kit e.g. for illuminated Christmas decoration!
✅ Accompanying blog provides detailed guidance and inspiration.
✅ Powerful AZ-MEGA2560 board and flexible RGB LED panels.
✅ Great discount on the included products in the set!

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This set can be used with the associated blog to create illuminated Christmas decorations, e.g. in the form of gift boxes. To do this, we program an ATmega2560 in the Arduino IDE to which three LED panels are connected and show how to use the NeoPixel or NeoMatrix library to control the WS2812 RGB LEDs.

The following products are included in the project bundle:

  • AZ-MEGA2560 board with ATmega2560 with USB cable
  • 2 x RGB LED Panel WS2812B 16x16 256 LEDs Flexible Led Matrix
  • U 64 LED Matrix Panel CJMCU-8x8 Module
  • Mini breadboard 400 pin with 4 power rails

Additional products may be required to implement this blog article.

You can find the relevant blog article here: Illuminated gift boxes as Christmas decorations

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