CD60L battery charger Controller module solar recharging Charging control High intensity photovoltaic module with control switch panel

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✅ The module supports 2 working modes: charging control IN and discharging control OUT. In charge control "IN" the relay turns on and the charger starts charging the battery, while in charge control "OUT" the relay turns on and starts discharging.
✅ This device is extremely convenient and easy to operate the output can be turned on or off by the relay. The relay only plays the role of switching, and can not change the voltage.
✅ The key function of this module is to set the upper and lower voltage limits.
✅ The module is versatile, i.e. it can be used with almost all types of batteries (taking into account the specifications and instructions of the battery manufacturer).

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CD60L is a battery charge and discharge control module. It supports a wide voltage range. Voltage limits can be set.


  • Automatic detection parameters
  • LCD display
  • multiple parameter display

Technical datails

Product name: XY-CD60L battery charging/unloading controller
Model: CD60L
Work voltage: DC 6V-20V
Operating temperatur: -40℃~85℃
Operation air humidity: 0%~ 95%RH
Size: 46*45*20mm

Integrated digital display:

The module also has a digital display that shows the loading time and the battery voltage/percentage.

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