EnC28J60 Ethernet Shield LAN Network Module Compatible with Arduino

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✔️ Size: 50.7x32.7x17.3mm Ethernet Chip ENC28J60-I/SO.
✔️ 25MHz quartz.
✔️ 3.3 V Spannungsversorgung
✔️ Größe: 50,7mm x 32,7mm x 17,3mm

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This network module is ideal for establishing a network connection with a microcontroller in a simple way. It is equipped with a conventional RJ45 network jack and an ENC28J60 Ethernet controller. So you can set up a small web server, a chat server or a telnet client. The network module can be easily attached via the 10 socket pins. Dupont cables can also be used for a test setup.

Pin assignment

The pinout on the ENC28J60 network module is as follows:
  • CLKOUT: Clock output
  • WOL: Wake on Lan
  • SCK: Serial clock input
  • SI: Serial data input
  • CS: Chip select
  • VCC: Supply voltage +5V
  • INT: Interrupt
  • SO: Serial data output
  • RESET: Reset
  • GND: Ground (GND)

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