Colorful LED Cube - Control LED Ring by Gyroscope and ESP32

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Easy use of this set using the associated blog article.
Cheap discount price for the purchase of the products as a set.
Included are an ESP32 D1 Mini, 50mm LED Ring, GY521 Gyroscope Sensor, and a LM2596S Step Down Module.
Using a 3D printed cube, we show you how the colors of the LED ring can be controlled using the gyroscope sensor.

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Project with ESP32 D1 Mini, Gyroscope, LED Ring and LM2596S

With this bundle to the Project video the color of the LED ring can be controlled by gyroscope and ESP32 depending on position. In the video, this is clearly shown using a 3D printed cube that lights up in a different color with each rotation.

Try it yourself and save with the discount on the project set.


Of course you can use these modules for other projects and still benefit from the low price in the set!

Click here for the project video and sketch: Gyroscope meets LED Ring

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