LED Ambient Lighting 1.8W DC 12V Interior Lighting with Optical Fiber for DIY Room Lighting and DIY Projects Blue

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Each wire is made of high quality copper wires that are stranded, while the insulation is made of strong but super soft PVC material that makes it easy to bend.
The housing of the LED is made of aluminum and also serves as a heat sink. The inner diameter is 6 mm. The LED comes with a 1 meter long light guide.
Installation: Due to the long light guides, the LED can be easily installed behind cladding.
The operating voltage is 12V DC. The LED provides a juicy blue color. To improve the luminosity of the light guide, LEDs can be attached to both ends.

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AZ-Delivery LED is perfect for visually enhancing the environment. The flexible PVC-like tube allows easy and precise installation even along the softest and roundest edges indoors and outdoors, wherever you want to position it to create the perfect room lighting. For greater distances, two LEDs can be used to achieve greater luminosity.


  • Luminous LEDs
  • Power supply with 12V
  • Length: 42cm

Technical specifications

Input voltage: 12V
Colour: Blue
Power consumption 1.8 W
Temperature range: -20 - 60 degrees Celsius
Material: aluminium

Easy wiring

Only 2 cables are needed to connect the LED. So you can connect the LED easily and quickly and save time in your project.

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