LED inner lighting ambient lighting 1.8 W DC 12V interior lighting with optical fiber for DIY room lighting and DIY projects blue

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  • ✅Each wire is made of high quality copper wires which are stranded, while the insulation is made of strong but super soft PVC material which makes it easy to bend.
  • ✅ These decorative LED strips comes in blue color and they represent the best choice to to improve the look of your interior.
  • ✅ Installation: insert the fiber optic light into the gap of the door panel with the scraper. Then insert 12mm into the light source completely.
  • ✅ The operating voltage is 12V DC. In addition, this product is super easy to install and offers you two ways of use. You can connect the light source at one end as one of the options, while other option is that you can connect the two ends of optical fiber separately.
  • ✅ This product includes an e-book that contains useful information about how to start your project, allows you to get started quickly and saves time in the configuration process. In the e-book you will find a number of application examples, complete installation instructions and libraries.
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