Linux manual for beginners: the lightweight way to the Linux expert

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  • The version management system GIT is used for thousands of projects around the world - not only in the field of computer science, but also for countless further tasks. You can manage your personal projects but also coordinate work as a team.
  • The development of the Linux operating system is impressive. A small private project turned into one of the most widely used operating systems in the world with enormous economic significance. In the PC sector, the market share is still manageable and lags far behind Windows. However, Linux is a leader in the areas of servers and mainframes. Linux is also of enormous importance for mobile devices: the popular Android smartphone operating system is a modified version of Linux.
  • If you are familiar with Linux, you will benefit from a wide range of professional activities. But also for you privately, it is worth it. This way you can install an operating system on your computer, which not only has an excellent performance and offers many practical functions, but is also completely free of charge.
  • This book explains all the details that are important for the use of Linux. It introduces various distributions and goes into what properties distinguish them. You will learn how to install Linux and how to use the basic functions of the operating system. They even learn to program small shell scripts to automate tasks.
  • All code examples are available as a free download for independent testing
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