Solar Panel 5V 1.5W Waterproof Polysilicon Mini Solar Module for Charging Batteries and Devices

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High performance: The mini solar panel has high conversion rate and great efficiency, which provides good light output.
Wide range of applications: The 5V solar panel is used to flexibly charge various devices such as cell phones, low power devices and DC batteries.
Compact size: 115 x 85 x 3mm solar panel is easy to carry. For solar indoor courtyard lighting, small house lighting, or street lighting.
The module is easy to install and ideal for DIY model making, science or realizing your own projects.

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AZ-Delivery polysilicon solar module is a product that works even in adverse weather conditions. The housing of this product is processed to prevent water from freezing in the frame.

Special features:

  • Solar lighting: yards, small houses, streets.
  • Resistance to: compression, corrosion.
  • Connection: Parallel or in series to increase the charging speed or voltage.

Technical specifications

Material Polysilicon
Thickness 3 mm
Size 115mm x 85mm x 3mm
Operating voltage 5V
Work stream 220mA
Perfomance 1.10W (36000 Lux)
Conversion rate Up to 18%
Working temperature -10 ~ 60℃

Extremely durable and resistant

With this type of solar cell, you can be sure that there will be no problems with corrosion, compression or deterioration due to rain or snow. 

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