0.91" OLED and GY-BME280 on ESP8266 D1 Mini

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Great set for the video presentation of our OLED displays.
In the video you will find out how the sensor data of the high-quality barometric sensor GY-BM280 can be output at the OLED.
This bundle contains D1 Mini microcontroller, BME280 sensor for temperature, air pressure and humidity, 0.91" OLED display, jumper cable and a space-saving mini breadboard.
The sketches and the cabling can also be looked up on the blog page that belongs to the video.

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Use ESP8266 D1 Mini to display sensor data from BME280 on 0.91" OLED display

Our video presentation provides a practical guide to display the data of the BME280 sensor on the 0.91" OLED. The microcontroller used is the flexible D1 Mini with ESP8266.

So that we can offer you the products for the video at a lower price, we have put together a set with great discount.

The following products of the project are included in the bundle:

  • 0.91" OLED Display
  • ESP8266 D1 Mini Microcontroller
  • GY-BME280 barometric sensor
  • 65pcs jumper wire cable jumpers m2m
  • Mini breadboard with 400 contacts 82 x 55 mm

Order now, save money and start tinkering!

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