PAM8403 Digital Mini Audio Amplifier 2x 3 Watt DC 5V power amplifier board with potentiometer for DIY speakers and headphones including eBook

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  • ✅ The Mini Stereo Amplifier is a small, practical amplifier chip with high amplification efficiency, excellent sound quality, which is not affected by the temperature rise.
  • ✅ This digital amplifier board has excellent noise cancellation and provides high fidelity sound quality.
  • ✅ High efficiency 90%: can deliver 3W (left channel) + 3W (right channel) if 4Ω load and 5V power supply are used.
  • ✅ The potentiometer switches the power supply directly counterclockwise and can take over the original anti-clock bar.
  • ✅ This product contains an eBook that contains useful information about the start of your project, it helps with a quick setup and saves time during the configuration process. We offer a number of application examples, complete installation guides and libraries.
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