Complete PCB Shield Board Kit for PCB Prototyping Compatible with Mega 2560 R3

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Resistant material: FR-4 fiberglass board with double copper layer for long life and durable base. The prototype board has a compact size of 120mm x 78mm.
Soldering surfaces: Can be used in various applications and is characterized by its high processing quality.
Complete PCB kit: includes prototype PCB holder, socket and screw terminals.
Compatibility: The module is compatible with the Mega 2560 microcontroller.

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AZ-Delivery Prototype breadboard kit compatible with MEGA2560 R3. The module is not soldered, so it is more flexible to use. This kit contains all the elements for an extensive applications.

List of components of the kit

  • Prototyping circuit board
  • Screw terminals
  • Bashbar

Technical specifications

PCB Two layers of copper.
Size: 120mm x 78mm.
Raster: 2.54 mm. Hole diameter: 0.8mm.
Clamping block Raster: 3.5 mm. Hole diameter: 1.2 mm.
Pins: 84 (3-pin x 24 pieces, 2-pin x 6 pieces).
Wire area: 26 ~ 16awg, band length 5mm, M2 screw,
Bashbar Step 2.54 mm.
Rows: single series 10-pin x 1 piece; Individual series 8-pin x 5 pieces; Double series 18-pin x 1 piece.
Weight: 73g

Updated version

AZ-Delivery also offers this product completely assembled, which can make life easier for you. You will receive a product that is ready for use immediately.

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