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✅ Unser Relais Shield für den D1mini ermöglicht es auf einfache Weise ein Gerät über WLAN zu schalten
✅ Das Relais schließt, sobald Pin D1 auf "High" gesetzt wird - einfacher geht es nicht
✅ Es ist geeignet um Verbraucher über den D1 Mini zu schalten - entweder Zeitgesteuert oder falls ein bestimmtes Ereignis eintrifft
✅ Garantierte ROHS-Konformität durch Kauf beim deutschen Händler

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One Relay Shield for the D1 mini is a type of expansion board that can be added to an ESP8266-based D1 mini microcontroller development board to provide additional functionality. The Relay Shield adds one or more relay modules to the D1 mini that allow the microcontroller to control devices that require more current or voltage than the D1 mini can provide, such as lamps, motors, and other electrical devices.

The D1 mini can be programmed to turn the relay on or off by sending a signal to the relay shield. Relays can be useful in controlling lights, fans, and other household appliances, for example, and allow them to be switched remotely or through a program.

The relay shield connects to the D1 mini via the headers on the bottom of the shield and communicates with the microcontroller via the pins on the shield.

  • Our relay shield for the D1mini makes it possible to easily switch a device via WLAN
  • Can be used up to AC 50V / 5A or DC 30V / 5A.
  • The relay closes as soon as pin D1 is set to "High" - it couldn't be easier
  • It is suitable to switch consumers via the D1 Mini - either time-controlled or if a certain event occurs.
  • Of course you get with the purchase by AZDelivery fully automatic and guaranteed Invoice incl. VAT and according to German standards
  • Guaranteed ROHS conformity Through purchase from German dealer

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