Heat shrink tubing assortment 560 pieces, ratio 2:1, 12 sizes, 5 colors

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✔️ Comprehensive protection from our versatile insulating tube. This Heat Shrink Tube serves as kink and weather protection and protects against abrasion, moisture, as well as other environmental influences.
✔️ The Heat Shrink Tubing selection contains 560 pieces in 12 different sizes and 5 colors with practical explanation on the inside of the lid for easy and safe use.
✔️ Proper cable insulation and protection of electrical lines, wire/cable connections and electrical installations.
✔️ The excellent insulating properties ensure safe and reliable implementation in work with microcontrollers and other numerous projects, making the kit perfect for your electronics assortment.

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The AZDelivery Shrink Tube selection contains a suitable tube for every situation. With these shrink tubes you can craft numerous creative DIY projects or make repairs to cables and other components in your range. The 560 pieces are divided into 5 colors: black, red, yellow, green, blue. Tubes with an inner diameter of 1 to 13mm are included - perfect for many different applications.


  • The shrink tubes are 45mm long and are supplied in a handy box.
  • The different colors in the box allow you easy identification of the size and with the explanation on the inside of the lid you always have the right tube size at hand.
  • The tubes can be quickly and easily integrated into any project as heat shrink tubing.
  • The high-quality materials ensure long-lasting stability of the heat shrink tubing.

Technical specifications

Material Polyethylene
Shrinking temperature From 70 ° C
Temperature resistance -50 ° C/+120 ° C
Shrink rate 2:1

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