SQL manual for beginners: The easy path to the SQL expert

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✅SQL ist die weiterverbreitetste Datenbanksprache für die Arbeit mit relationalen Datenbanken und für die effiziente Arbeit mit Datenbanken unerlässlich.
✅In diesem Buch erhalten Sie eine umfassende, praxisorientierte Einführung in SQL beginnend mit den Grundlagen, ohne dass dabei Vorkenntnisse notwendig wären.
✅Nach dem Durcharbeiten des Buchs sind Sie in der Lage professionell mit Datenbanken mittels SQL zu interagieren und eigene Datenbanken zu entwerfen.
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The light path to your own website!

SQL is essential for working with relational databases and efficient working with databases. In this book you will receive a comprehensive, practice -oriented introduction to SQL starting with the basics, without the need for previous knowledge. After working through the book, you are able to interact professionally with databases using SQL and to design your own databases.


Content of the book:

  • All SQL basics explained in an understandable manner
  • Rights management to control database access
  • Transactions for error -free data processing
  • Advanced query techniques for maximum efficiency in queries (Join, Group by, Views, and much more)
  • Scaled functions for efficient data evaluation
  • Database modeling for efficient data storage without redundancies


Advantages of this book:

  • Practical explanations contribute to simple understanding
  • Exercise tasks with solutions after each chapter secure the learning success
  • Extensive practical projects serve as a template for your own projects
  • Source code for download to try it out quickly
  • eBook issue free of charge


With this book you get a comprehensive introduction to SQL in order to be able to work quickly with SQL with databases!

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