Updated eBook to LED matrix display

Hello, and welcome to today's Blog post.


Our4 x 64 LED Matrix Displayis still very popular. It is ideal as a display for tickers, clocks, and much more.

Today's post is just a short note to all customers our LED Matrix Display eBook in the past, downloaded had.

A very nice customer has not pointed out today that our instructions in the eBook to work, unfortunately.

In Version 3.0 of the MD_MAX72XX library which is on 9. June was published, has made the developer a lot of Changes and improvements.

In addition, the corresponding library has been updated MD_Parola also.

If you are in the last days of the commissioning of the display in despair, please take a look in our updated eBook.


Here are some notes on the Changes in the MD_MAX72XX library:

June 2018 version 3.0.0
- Implemented new font file format (file format version 1).
- Removed 'drawXXX' graphics functions to new MD_MAXPanel library.
- Removed font indexing as this never used.
- Added getFontHeight() method.
- Module type now specified at run time.

And in the MD_Parola library:

Jul 2018 - version 3.0.1
- Added getFont() method.
- Cleaned up double height examples relying on old USE_*_HW defines.

Jun 2018 - version 3.0.0
- Minor corrections to previous version examples and keyword.txt.
- Added help text on sprite animation and minor doc updates.
- Added Sprites_Simple example.
- Adapted for changes to the MD_MAX72XX library.

A very important advantage of the update is the fact that we now have the file MD_MAX72xx is.h no more manually to our Hardware to cope with, but this is right in our Sketch can specify.

For our modules, it would then look like the following:



as well As the Format and the use of the Fonts changed (maybe even easier?) was, will there be a Blog post in which we will show you how to implement the current library is easiest in your own projects.


We hope today's post saves search our customers many hours of fault.


I say goodbye until the next Blog post.

Markus Neumann





Bernd-Steffen Großmann

Bernd-Steffen Großmann

Hallo AZ-Delivery-Kollegen! Ich muss mal ein großes Lob aussprechen für die hervorragende Arbeit zur Dokumentation der verkauften Produkte und dazu passender Projekte. Das findet man heutzutage selten. Oft muss man sich durch Tausende (oftmals englische) Seiten in Tutorials und GitHub quälen, teilweise widersprechende oder fehlerhafte Texte lesen und versuchen zu verstehen :0) Also nochmals großes Dankeschön für die fleißige Arbeit! Ein kleiner Kritkpunkt bzgl. der eBooks: Warum muss man immer die “Ochsentour” über Webshop, Bezahlen (obwohl keine Bezahlung nötig ist) usw. gehen, bevor man dann endlcih den DL-Link erhält? Ich verstehe, dass der DL nur für registrierte Kunden sein soll, aber dazu würde doch eine einfache Anmeldung mit den Benutzerdaten reichen, oder?
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Bernd-Steffen Großmann

J. Walter

J. Walter

Jetzt fehlt nur noch MD-MAX72XX und ESP32!

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