IoT - Internet of Things mit Alexa - Erste Schritte

Getting started with Alexa:

Now that Alexa is connected, wait for commands. The setup app now also guides us through the first commands:

The app asks us to say "Alexa, what's the weather like?" As soon as the Echo Dot hears the keyword ALEXA, the Echo Dot starts flashing blue and waits for a command. Let's follow the example, Alexa tells us the current weather and the forecast for the next few hours.

The next example we can get is to play music:

After we have named the command from the example, TuneIn plays the last weekly journal.

If we have heard enough, we can silence the Echo Dot again with "Alexa, Stop". All this without a push of a button!

We now know that we need to start every command with "ALEXA" to talk the first steps with Alexa.

Let's try to have it played from Antenne Bayern. We simply say "ALEXA, play Antenne Bayern", Alexa confirms this and plays Radio Antenne Bayern at the first time.


In the app we have reached the end of the setup

and are redirected to the home page:


In the next blog, you'll go on, play something with your new Amazon Echo Dot and try out commands. Have fun and see you soon.


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