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Hello everybody,

As our loyal readers know, we often publish great projects on our blog, which many do not know: time is a decisive factor here. Many customers have already raised the issue and asked us how much working time we actually invest in our contributions. Well, there are certainly projects that keep us busy for several weekends in our free time. However, since AZ-Delivery is a young, lean and growing company, our budgets are currently tight, including working hours. We are therefore dependent on implementing our projects as soon as possible. We would like to show you a few tricks to save time today.

We start with the first little helper, primitive but effective.

It is almost impossible to get suitable load resistors at short notice in the hardware store, a 12V bulb helps here, 230V light bulbs are unsuitable.

Next helper for UN fans: UN port extenders for people who don't like to work with breadboards, because they have their pitfalls:

Together in the picture, with voltage divider

The long socket strips are included with the D1 mini. The first pin was thickened with tin to find it safely in the UN, all pins are connected to each other.

Sunday afternoon and no LogicLevelConverter? Once a voltage divider is soldered, this will provide a permanent remedy, even without having to repeatedly build the circuit on a breadboard, here are a few pictures.


we used a 10k and a 22k resistor.

For a quick cabling of our modules we have made a plug out of jumper cable, here still unfinished in the picture:

Last but not least, an absolute highlight. The smart screwdriver ES121 from MiniWare. The predecessor ES120  was long ago presented by Adafruit on the YouTube channel, the only comments we remembered: "Is it sonic? Yes !!!"

With this product with built-in STM32 and position sensor, we were amazed at how ergonomically it can actually work with this smart part. The sensor detects the smallest movements and interprets them quite reliably. Definitely a tool and not a gadget. The operation is intuitive and the processing makes a very high quality and massive impression. To our surprise, the enclosed accessories are of very high quality, the USB charging cable has metal plugs and a fabric covering, and the included bits are made of high-quality tool steel. Almost irrelevant: the torque and the position sensor can be set via the USB port, as a virtual drive in config.txt, without an app, without Bluetooth and, above all, without the Internet.

We have now reached the end of today's amount and hope that you too have found something useful to be able to implement your projects faster. Wishing you a nice weekend



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