1,8 "TFT display on the ESP32 Dev Kit C

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Easy use of this set with the help of the associated blog article.
Favorable discount price for buying the products as a set.
Included are 1.8 "TFT display, ESP32 Dev Kit C and 120 pieces. Jumper Wires.
Detailed explanation of the use of the 1.8 "display with the ESP32 microcontroller in the blog article.

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Project with ESP32 Nodemcu and TFT display

This set can be used to use the 1.8 "TFT display on the ESP32 DEV KIT C quickly and easily. For many projects, the display and microcontroller are essential for many projects, which is why we have put together this discounted bundle.

In the blog we explain the use of the 1.8 "display together with the ESP32 microcontroller. From the connection of the two modules, to the installation of the libraries and sketch.

The following products are included in the project bundle:

Powerful ESP32 microcontroller with 2.4 GHz dual mode Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips from TSMC and the 40NM low-power technology. The module has 38 pins and offers more functions than a 30-pin module. And it is small and convenient in the application.

This Spi TFT display is a luminous, anti-reflective display with a large 1.8 inch image diagonal and integrated SD card reader. The TFT display has a card slot. Reading and writing takes place via the controller. The controller is operated with 5V and the backlight with 3.3V.

This set includes 120 connecting cables, one third with M2M, with F2M and F2F connectors, and with a length of 20 cm each. So you are long enough for each of your projects.

Click here for the blog article:

Operate 1.8 inch TFT on the ESP-32 Dev Kit C

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