Raspbian Stretch Light: Desktop und xrdp nachinstallieren

Hello, together,

today we want to postinstall in Raspian Stretch Light the desktop and XRDP and we have bumped into some stumbling blocks.

If we have connected, exactly as described in the Headless installation, our Raspberry with a net and ssh activated we can combine with the orders "ssh pi@raspberrypi", configure password "raspberry" and, as usual, first with "raspi-config"

The installation GUI we with the order "sudo apt-get instal raspberrypi-ui-mods-y"

If the installation is finished we make sure with "sudo apt-get purge realvnc-vnc-server" that no VNC is on the system.

Now we can instal with "sudo apt-get instal xrdp" the server service for the MSTSC with it we can announce ourselves later comfortably and specially need none client.

To be able to log in later itself we must put down one more authorisation:

We navigate with "CD/etc/X11 /" in the folder and open with "sudo nano Xwrapper.config" the file in we the entry "allowed_users=console" in "allowed_users=anybody" and store with Strg SUPRA

After a next restart with "sudo rest kind now" we combine again and aktuallisieren as usual with: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"

Afterwards this guarantee our Raspi with GUI boots up, while we choose Options, B1 desktop, B4 desktop car Login with "sudo raspi-config" point 3 Boat.

After a restart we can already combine with XRDP:

and announce:

we have created it, we are in the desktop:

[because it itself with me around a test installation acts here I have in the example the password not changed]

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Frank I.

Frank I.

sudo restart now = pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo restart now
sudo: restart: Befehl nicht gefunden

Jörg Bauer

Jörg Bauer

Danke für die Arbeit!
Liebe Grüsse

Andreas Distler

Andreas Distler

SUPER KLASSE !!! Danke dir für die Anleitung. Selbst ich als absoluter Anfänger habe das hin bekommen.



xrdp ist ein service zb bei windows staren mit remotedesktopcontrol (start klicken und rdp suchen)
dann mit user pi und pw auf den desktop am pi einloggen

Matthias Rathje

Matthias Rathje

Danke für den Artikel hier – hat mir weiter geholfen.
Habe aber auch einen Fehler gefunden:
Zitat: >>Nach einem anschließenden neustart mit “sudo restart now”… <<
Bei mir hats mit “restart” nicht hingehauen – mit “sudo reboot now” hingegen schon.

@ Steffan: https://lmgtfy.com/?q=xrdp
(kann ja nicht zu viel verlangt sein…)



Was ist xrdp? Mit xrdp verbinden..

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